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What will you learn from our workshops?

An interactive hands-on workshop will provide the attendee a higher level of confidence in fitting and evaluating a scleral lens with the option to try-on the comfort of a scleral lens.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the indications and potential benefits that scleral lenses offer the patient.

2. Discuss scleral lens simplified fitting techniques from baseline information to lens evaluation, while sharing              

      successful fitting strategies including troubleshooting problems.

3. Explain and demonstrate best insertion and removal techniques, care system priorities, and overall scleral lens 


About X-Cel Specialty Contacts

We understand that for long suffering visually challenged patients, finding the right path to improving their condition can be filled with detours, bumps and sometimes even u-turns. But the destination remains the same – to improve the quality of life through better vision. We assist you in the most challenging cases through a commitment to education and training for you and your staff, along with the widest selection of contact lenses in the industry designed precisely to ensure proper fit, visual acuity and all day comfort. We are truly your business partner and believe the patient in your chair is our patient, too.  

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